My Container Garden


My first bounty!


It's been years since I had a garden.  I got a wild hair, and decided to plant one.  Problem is I have a very small yard, and a restrictive Home Owners Association.  Blessing and a curse.  So rather than dig up a plot of my back yard, I decided to experiment with a container garden.  The year before, my father had great success with a product called an Earthbox.  They used to be sold at Home Depot, but apparently are no longer sold there.  You can buy them online for $35-$40.  They have an overflow, so the plants can't be over watered, and have a reservoir in the bottom, so they can't be under watered (in a day or two).  The box has a grate in the bottom to keep the soil out of the water, except in the back two corners.  This allows wicking of just the right amount of water.


I planted the garden on 3-19-07

One pepper plant, two cucumbers, and two tomatoes.  That's a Mosquito Magnet on the right.

Less than 2 months later, things are going bonkers.

My first of many harvests.


Okay, I hate tomatoes.  There, I said it.  But my wife loves 'em.  The cucumbers are delicious, and she says the same about the 'maters.  Now I need to plant beans, carrots, and maybe corn, though I've not had much luck growing corn in FL.

Container gardens rock.  I can move them if needed.  Less worry about bugs or rodents getting to the roots.  The plastic cover over the soil maintains the moisture, keeps out bugs & weeds, and prevents over watering during heavy rains.

This is too easy.  I water them every 1-2 days.  Nothing else to do except pick the veggies as they ripen.  Much better than store bought, no pesticides either.




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