A Splendide Solution


My used RV came with a Splendide combo washer/dryer.  It has worked perfectly, except for last night.  The clothes were still wet at the end of the wash cycle.  The top of the dryer was hot, but no air was blowing out of the vent.  From this, I knew the heating element was working, but the blower motor wasn't.  I had noticed a slight squeak from it a night or two before.  Didn't think much about it at the time.

I discovered a few things from this fix:

  • The squirrel cage on the blower was hitting, causing the squeak.
  • The oil on the blower motor shaft had long since gone.
  • The source of the drain smell around the machine was caused from having too much drain line from the washing machine crammed down the drain.  This forces water completely out of the trap.  Common problem.  Easy fix.  Just cut the drain line so it only goes into the drain 10", rather than 2'.

I have gotten some more life from my blower motor, but I'm going to start checking into buying a spare.  It's working again, so it was worth the effort.  Took a couple of hours, and cost nothing.



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Remove the 4 screws from the cross bar securing the unit.  Open the door, lift slightly to prevent the front feet from digging into your floor, then slide it out.

Four screws on the back of the top cover are then removed.  Lift the back of the cover slightly, then push it forward.  You can see the blower assembly on the right side.

Remove 4 screws to pull the motor from the housing.  Took a little careful twisting and moving of the nearby wire harness to get it out.

The shiny spot is where the squirrel cage was dragging against the housing.

The nut on the motor shaft needs to be removed to adjust the position of the squirrel cage on the motor shaft.  Left handed threads, be careful.

Now ready for reinstallation.  It took several light applications of oil, manually spinning, applying power, to finally get the motor to come up to full speed.  Seems happy for now.  I cleaned the oil splatter from inside the washer before closing it up.

I have an access hatch in the bathroom to reach between the washer and the wall.  Made connecting up everything rather easy.

The only thing not shown was the exterior vent being removed.  I removed the 4 screws holding to the outside of the RV, then carefully pulled it off.  I could then reach in the hole, grab the dryer vent hose, and slip it over the tube on the vent.  I secured it with electrical tape, then reinstalled it.  With the washer pushed in place, it compresses the vent hose, so the tape is only to hold it in place during installation, otherwise I would have used something more permanent.


Update:  Well, it lasted for a while.  I had ordered a spare blower motor since I knew it was a matter of time before it failed.  I put the new blower motor in place, and made sure the squirrel cage blower didn't impact the housing.  I connected the power, and it didn't turn.  After much wasted time, I learned that I had a bad coil on the new motor!  I could have sent it back for a replacement, but that would have wasted even more time.  I took the old motor, and set it next to the new one.  Like assembling the Bionic Man, I knew I could rebuild him, er, it.  I took the old coil, and used the new bearing assemblies. 

After spending several hours on this quick project, I finally had it all put back together.  It's been working great ever since.  Shame it wasn't a simple swap and go, but that's how Murphy works.




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