I've been using 2x4 Basics workbench kits for years.  The include 4 nylon legs, and all the fasteners that are needed.  You supply the lumber, and can make it whatever depth and width you need.  These kits are available from Amazon, or Northern Tool, for about $40, depending on what accessories it comes with.

Now that the benches are done, I can get started on some projects for the house.


Another trip to Home Depot.  I'm using 3/4" plywood.

I build the frames like a wall frame.  This is much stronger than the included instructions.  This also ensures a flat work surface, that can handle an enormous amount of weight.

The nylon legs are very strong.  Each shelf is rated for up to 1000 lbs, and there are pockets to support 3 shelves.

Once the plywood was added to the 2x4 frames, it was nailed down.  Then a piece of 1/4" thick hardboard was added.  This makes for a nice work surface, plus it's easy to replace as the bench get used.

It was moved into the garage, a bench vice added, and tools set in place.

A similar bench top was built for the niche portion of the garage. 

The North side of my workshop needed a bench too.

Similar to the previous bench, but fewer cross pieces.  This one won't see the heavy use of the other.

This one was made with scrap pieces of lumber.

The major difference is this bench got a nice birch butcher top.

These benches are tough enough to be moved around the garage, or dragged onto a trailer, and moved to another location.  This was taken as we moved into our current home.

My original 2x4 basics bench (2006 vintage), has had 600 lbs of batteries sitting on the upper shelf for 7 years.  No shelf sagging.  It remains rock steady. 


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