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Here I am in a previous kayak, an Ocean Kayak Malibu Two.  This is a tandem model, and is excellent for a couple to get out on the water.  Paddles fine with one person, but does take more work than a yak designed for solo use.  I sold this one to a friend, and bought an Ocean Kayak Prowler.




Here's what I now own.  It's a little narrower and longer than the previous yak.  It's almost as stable, but faster.  I really like the molded in storage compartment.  Perfect place for a cooler and tackle box.  The large hatch should be handy for adding a fish finder and a battery (12V gel). 



Yea, I know it's sad I don't have a picture of mine online yet.  I just got it, so the best I can do is to put a picture from Ocean Kayak's flyer for this model.  Cool, eh?


Click on any image for a larger view.

Yakima Rack

My previous truck was a 2000 Nissan Crew Cab.  I used a Yakima rack system to carry the yak.  Worked very well.

Here we are at Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys.  Met some friends there.  All the campsites are right on the ocean, so no need to move the yak once you arrive.

Darren has a Scupper Pro.  Very popular fishing model.  Great for those skinny dudes.  It is narrow.  Makes it faster, but less stable.


This is what it's all about!  I caught a nice redfish, right at the upper legal limit.



A grapnel anchor is what I use.  It folds up nicely when not in use.  This holds the boat firmly even in a moving current.  The downside is it can become lodged in rocks.  I did have to snorkel once to free the anchor.


By turning a collar, the petals are freed, then the collar is moved down the anchor and twisted, which then holds it open.


These eyelets were purchased directly from Ocean Kayak.  They are constructed from a tough nylon or plastic.  The rivets are almost waterproof.  These are the same type used by the manufacturer.  Great for making places to attach a paddle leash, or equipment.  Not strong enough for an anchor mount though.  I bought an entire bag of them.  Can't have too many places to secure equipment.  Remember, if you don't secure it, you might loose it when the boat flips over... which will happen at some point (Murphy).


I really like this paddle leash.  It has a bungee inside a nylon tube.  Has just enough slack to paddle with.  You can pull on the leash, stretching the bungee, if you need some extra slack to free something.

A friend's son didn't have his paddle leashed.  We spent an hour snorkeling.  By the time we noticed it was gone, it was a mile away, near a bridge.  Lucky to have ever found it again.  With the price of a good paddle today, you'd be throwing money away not to buy a leash.


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