Yamaha Generator Fuel Issue


These fuel efficient generators sip fuel.  Consequently, it doesn't take much to block the flow of fuel.  The following shows the troubleshooting steps I took to isolate the problem.  Ultimately, it was an easy repair.  I could have taken it to the local Yamaha dealer and pay them $150 to do exactly what I did.  Then again, they may have simply replaced the fuel filter AND the carburetor, charging even more.

The culprit in this case appeared to be the plastic fuel filter I used.  They are commonly used on small engines.  I might have cranked the hose clamp too tight, crushing the tubing molded into the filter housing.  It had been working fine for a couple of years, and I've not messed with the filter.  I did order a metal/glass filter from Amazon.  The tubes are metal, which won't collapse like plastic can.  I hope those who are usually too timid to tackle a job like this can see it's fairly simple.  I needed a couple of screwdrivers, a 10mm socket/extension/ratchet, and a12mm wrench for the bolt on the bottom of the fuel bowl.


Here's the style of filter I had been using.

Here's the one I just ordered.





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